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Jerome Stumphauzer is self-taught artist who has been oil painting for over 30 years. He began by copying three Miro paintings, the second of which was commissioned for $20.00 The third was stolen in a burglary in New York City -- an unusual kind of compliment! But his interest in art began way back in the 5th grade when a remarkable teacher found time for art every day. Teachers do make a difference! His oil paintings often reflect impressions from his world travels -- from the beauty of California to the peace and tranquility of Hawaii to travels in the Southwest, and as far away as Australia, Fiji, Greece, France, Italy and exotic Africa. These paintings 


27 BEARS ?
"Bears of the Lake" 16 x 20 signed, numbered Lithograph: $39.

do not display photo realism, but show his unique artistic visions. Influences have been as diverse as daVinci, Dali, Lassen and Doolittle. In many of the landscapes and seascapes the theme is continued in fantasy clouds or hidden objects in the background. This is especially true of his best-seller "Bears of the Lake" (27 bears), "21 Coyotes of Sedona", "21 Bears of Yosemite" and in several of the Hawaii paintings such as "Molokini Magic," "North Shore" and "Waikiki Wonder." He is showing in Art Galleries in Hawaii, California and Arizona.