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SHOP ONLINE is where you can buy his paintings and canvas editions!
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SHOP ONLINE is where you can buy his paintings and canvas editions!

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  "Kauai Hawaii"
Giclee canvas, stretched, 16 x 20, c 2002. LIMITED EDITION OF 100, signed and numbered, hand painted details. Along Kauai's Napali coast is Kalalau Lookout with a view of the golden red cliffs all the way down to the sea. There are tulip trees, lush red ginger and dolphins surfing in the clouds! Original oil Painting with hand painted frame available for $495. !!! Email for info. Item #H3

Price: $375  Sale price $155

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  "Kilauea Volcano Hawaii"
Giclee canvas, stretched, 16 x 20, c 2004, LIMITED EDITION OF 100, signed and numbered, hand painted details on each. SPECIAL SALE: $125.!!! On the Big Island of Hawaii is the most active volcano on earth, Kilauea -- here in a major eruption with a dynamic underwater scene. The artist is "the man in the moon!" Original Oil Painting NOW SOLD !! Item #H7

Price: $395  Sale price $125

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  "Maui Magic Hawaii"
11 x 14 GICLEE LIMITED EDITION CANVAS, stretched, hand painted surf on each. LIMITED EDITION OF 100, Signed & Numbered. SALE: $39. !!! On Lahaina's "Restaurant Row" the sun is setting over neighboring Lanai. A FANTASY OF SEA LIFE is found as the sun flares into the clouds. "A gem!" Original oil Painting: Sold! Item #H2

Price: $120  Sale price $39

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  "Sunset in Lahaina Maui"
$125.(SALE!!!) FOR 16 X 20 Giclee canvas, stretched, hand-embellished, limited edition of 100 signed and numbered, c 2004. On Lahaina's "restaurant row" visitors and locals alike enjoy a spectacular sunset over nighboring Lanai. Here sunbeams become a rich fantasy of sealife. ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING: NEW SALE PRICE $495. !! Item #H4

Price: $375  Sale price $125

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  "Surfing Buddy"
"Surfing Buddy" is an Original Oil Painting (16 x 20). The image shows a surfer who is having the ride of his life riding a massive wave on the back of his buddy dolphin. The two are one! SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $355. !!   
See my other paintings of surfing and surf and dolphins.
Item #H12

Price: $895  Sale price $355

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  "The Whales of Maui" with whale spirits!
On Maui dawn is beginning over Haleakala crater, humpback whales are breaking the ocean surface while whale spriits haunt the morning clouds. This is a Giclee Stretched Canvas (18 x 24), a LIMTED EDITION OF 100, Signed & Numbered. SPECIAL SALE: $149. !!  The Original Oil Painting is now sold. Item #H1

Price: $450  Sale price $149

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  "Waikiki Wonder" ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING! Special Sale!
Origninal oil painting! 18 x 24, c 2004. Waikiki with Diamond Head as a backdrop. Sun worship, surfing or a simple walk along the shoreline are celebrated. Unique is the play of surfers and dolphins in the clouds!. SPECIAL PROMOTION SALE PRICE: $225. FOR THIS ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING!!! Item #H5

Price: $695  Sale price $225

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Original oil painting, c 2004, 14 x 10 x 2in. An idyllic portrait of Oahu's Wikiki with a swirling cloudscape. The image continues onto the 2in. sides of this gem of a painting. Great blues and greens. Email for detailed photos. NEW SALE PRICE: $299.!!! Item #H8

Price: $850  Sale price $299

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LIMITED EDITION OF 50: The perfect day; the perfect wave! A surfer catches the monster wave and dolphins join in. Two onlookers see it all -- including the surfing and dolphins in the clouds!  Also available in large size stretched canvas: 18 x 24. This 11 x 14 stretched canvas has hand-painted details of the surf on each one. Item #H11

Price: $90.00  Sale price $39.00

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  Maui: "Molokini Magic"
Giclee canvas, stretched, limited edition of 100! signed and numbered. 18 x 24, c 2002. SPECIAL SALE: $125. !! Maui's little island Molokini is the popular snorkle and dive site. Below the surface is abundant sea life; the theme is continued with a matching fantasy in the cloudscape! Original oil Painting with hand-painted frame available for NEW SALE PRICE $795. CANVAS EDITION SPECIAL SALE: ONLY $125.00 !!! Item #H6

Price: $375  Sale price $125

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  Oahu: "North Shore" with surfer & dolphin clouds!
GLICEE CANVAS, STRETCHED, EACH WITH HAND PAINTED SURF!!  18 X 24 CANVAS LIMITED EDITION  SALE: $155. Also available in 11 x 14in. Canvas Edition for $45.!! (email to order). Limited edition!  World famous surfing on Oahu's North Shore. The perfect ride with dolphins joining in and surfing and dolphins in the clouds! Hand painted surf on each canvas! 11 x 14 size is only $45. Original master work oil painting (18 X 24) available for NEW SALE PRICE $795. The new Half Price Sale of the 18 x 24 Stretched Canvas Edition: only $155. Item #H9

Price: $399  Sale price $155

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  Oahu: "North Shore: BANZAI PIPELINE" with surfer cloud!
SPECIAL PRICE!!! ONLY $59.00 FOR Giclee canvas, stretched, each with hand-painted details, 11 x 14 (SALE PRICE $39.), c 2006. BANZAI PIPELINE is world famous for its big and dangerous waves. In this painting one is drawn in for a closer look and a desire to walk to the beach; and there is a surfer spirit in the clouds! Original Oil Painting available for a NEW SALE PRICE OF $325.00. Item #H10

Price: $120  Sale price $39